Same Pronunciation but Dissimilar

トラりん1The examiner judged,
both trademarks have same pronunciation, TORARIN(tolalin).
However, these appearances and impressions are totally different.



Japanese Patent Office judged as below:

Though the marks WANDA and WONDA have a same pronouciation, they are not similar with each other, because these marks are short and have clear difference in these appearance due to the word, A and O in these front part.
(No.2016-900203, Opposition case)


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“SKYBERRY” was registered in China

A famous strawberry name in Japan, “SKYBERRY” was registered in China by chinese company who has not permission from the Japanese maker.(2017.9.7)

SCT 37 at WIPO

SCT 37 at WIPO


I attended at SCT 37 session held at WIPO as a observer on behalf of JTA.


SCT 35 at WIPO

I attended at SCT 35 session held at WIPO as a observer on behalf of JTA.

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