Revision of official fees in JPO (from April 1, 2022)


1.Patent Fees (per year)

1st to 3rd year to be paid at registration of a patent: 2,100 JPY (basic fee) and 200 JPY per claim —> 4,300 JPY (basic fee) and 300 JPY per claim

4th to 6th year: 6,400 JPY (basic fee) and 500 JPY per claim —> 10,300 JPY (basic fee) and 800 JPY per claim
7th to 9th year: 19,300 JPY (basic fee) and 1,500 JPY per claim —> 24,800 JPY (basic fee) and 1,900 JPY per claim
10th to 25th year: 55,400 JPY (basic fee) and 4,300 JPY per claim —> 59,400 JPY (basic fee) and 4,600 JPY per claim

2.Trademark registration fee

28,200 JPY per class —> 32,900 per class

3.Renewal registration fee

38,800 JPY per class —> 43,600 per class

If you intend to maintain your patent for a long time, or if you are able to pay the registration or renewal fees for your trade marks before the end of March this year, we recommend that you pay these fees before the end of March this year.