Necessary data for filing Design application

  1. Applicant's name (Full name, Company or Individual) , the address (Head Office) and Nationality
  2. Creator's (Designer's)name (Full name, Individual) and the address
  3. Information about the article (material, how to make, how to use, the place to use, etc.)
  4. Data of the Design (front, both sides, plan, bottom, back, perspective, cross sectional, etc. Each drawing data: JPEG full color, 200dpi, within 1181*865 dots/ PNG, 400dpi, within 2362*1779 dots)

*The application will be filed on our business days after receiving the above fees and necessary information in advance.
*All documents, except the registration certificate, will be sent as PDF files or images.
*NO Power of Attorney is needed at the application stage.