Necessary data for filing TM application

  1. Applicant's name (Full name, Company or Individual) and the address (Head Office)
  2. Nationality
  3. Information about the mark (letters, figures, devices, etc.)
    Data of Device mark: JPEG data (full color, 200dpi, within 1181*1181 dots), PNG / GIF / BMP data (400dpi, within 2362*2362 dots)
  4. Goods or/and Services the mark uses for
    *Please select the designated goods or services from the following lists:
    Nice classification, TM5 ID List, WIPO Madrid Goods and Services Manager
    If the goods or services you would like to register are not represented in the above list, please let us know.
  5. E-mail address, Postal address(for sending the original Certificate of Trademark Register), telephone and/or FAX number

*The application will be filed on our business days after receiving the above fees and necessary information in advance.
*All documents, except the registration certificate (Trademark Register), will be sent as PDF files or images.
*NO Power of Attorney is needed at the application stage.